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Apnea Rest Analysis Mask (ARAM) is a wearable device for at-home screening and monitoring of Sleep Apnea. It monitors five most crucial parameters of subject’s sleep that can aid in faster and reliable identification of risks for Sleep Apnea. Validated for its efficiency and user experience, it has been appreciated by the scientific community and accepted to be presented at the 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’16).

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Aurito is an innovative device to image conditions and infections of  the middle ear. It comprises of a mobile-phone compatible (OTG supported) camera that helps in visualizing middle ear  and screening for various ear infections. A companion mobile phone application helps practitioners keeping patient records, documenting changes over time and annotate images/ videos of the ear. More information at

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Cardio24 is a web-platform based screening tool built around continuous ECG monitoring devices (wearables in particular) to screen for cardiovascular diseases. Its algorithm has been validated against the data from gold-standard diagnostic systems. It has been made open-source for the community to use as per their application needs. Analysis algorithm (in Matlab) to label ECG data and detect abnormalities in the signal:

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Dermato comprises of a mobile phone clip-on and a spectrometer that aims to differentially diagnose skin conditions using fluorescence spectroscopy of skin. While spectrometry is being validated in clinical studies, the mobile clip-on is being extensively used by dermatologists. The hardware is supported by a companion app that allows to capture magnified, high-quality images of skin lesions, annotate, store and access them along with patient data whenever needed. More information at

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Magvue is a portable mobile clip-on that turns a smartphone into an affordable video magnifier for low vision people. Currently, the hardware provides 12.5X optical magnification. It also has a companion mobile application that leverages the computational   capabilities    of    the smartphone and provides additional contrast options along with digital magnification. This project is being done in collaboration with Lotus College Of Optometry.

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SenseCam is a real-time camera-based emotion detection system. It is a non-invasive, privacy-preserving system, which will be able to detect facial expressions, HRV (heart rate variability), stress and other human vitals. It can aid Autistic children to learn expressing emotions and needs, and also help monitor patients in hospitals.